Ryan Svendsen, Manager of Film & TV Music at Lionsgate, began his music career as Principal Trumpet for the California Youth Symphony.  His dream of playing trumpet with the Dave Matthews Band came to fruition in 2009 and he can be seen doing so in their music video entitled “You and Me."  After holding positions at United Talent Agency and Azoff Music Management, Svendsen joined Lionsgate in 2012. 

Svendsen has managed the release of over 50 soundtracks and has been credited on films such as La La Land & The Hunger Games series.  He continues to play trumpet as much as possible and has performed with an array of artists including Cosmos & Creature, The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Herbie Hancock and MuteMath.  In addition to his love for music, Svendsen is an avid swimmer and swam from Alcatraz twice.